Alaska Brown Bear Hunts / Grizzly Hunts
Alaska Peninsula Bear

With over-the-counter tags available you can plan for this hunt well in advance. We offer a very unique experience in that we lease private land that only our clients may hunt. Not to be confused with a sole federal guide concession where resident hunters are also competing with you. We also have access to the adjacent public land to hunt as well. This remote hunt takes place an hour’s plane ride from Kenai, AK and is located in Ursus Cove, in the shadow of Mt. Augustine. ‘Arctic Oven’ four-season tents and cots are used at base camp. Meals consist of freeze dried dinners, simple lunches, and snacks.

The Ursus Cove hunt has produced high success rate over the last decade. The average bear harvested has been over 9’, with a few skulls exceeding 27”.

This is a 10-day hunt with travel days on each end. Fall hunts operate between October 1st – 10th on odd years: 2023, 2025, 2027. Two spring hunts are offered between May 10th – 19th and May 21st – 30th on even years: 2024, 2026, 2028.

Alaska Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting

Kodiak Brown Bear Hunts

Our Kodiak bear hunts take place in Kiliuda Bay, a 20-minute float plane ride south-east of Kodiak. This is a spot and stalk, fair chase hunt. Kodiak will challenge even the most seasoned and traveled hunter. For those wishing to pursue the largest of coastal brown bears, there is no place like Kodiak, AK. To their credit, the Alaska Department of F&G has managed the population to a record high.

• This is a limited drawing hunt.
• The spring & fall hunt application is: Nov 1st – Dec 15th (results posted by end of Feb).
• The odds of drawing a tag is around 45% (results posted by end of Feb).
• This is a 10-day hunt with a travel day on each end.

The spring season runs between April 1st - May 15th. The fall season runs between October 25th – November 30th.

Alaska Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting

Spring or Fall?

This above question is often asked, with each season having its own unique benefits. Spring hunts offer more daylight to spot and stalk. It also typically has better weather. Big boars are pursuing females as the mating season is starting to pick up. Spring bears can start rubbing, thus finding a premium hide may be more difficult than in the fall.

Fall bears are still feeding on salmon and adding the last of the fat stores they need before winter’s hibernation. This can concentrate bear sightings not witnessed during spring hunts. Hides are typically at a premium in preparation for colder temperatures.

For fall hunts, we also offer a Sitka black-tail deer hunt as an add-on.

Arctic Grizzly

Our hunting area is known for unique color phases of bears ranging between 7’- 9’ with a few bears skulls in excess of 24”. We use snowmobiles and 8-wheel Argos to find the largest predator on the Arctic Tundra. Most of these bears have had little human contact and consider everything as a possible food source.

We target the spring season when big boars are traveling and looking for females as well as food after a long winter’s hibernation. This area is barren of trees and makes glassing highly effective.

These bears are located near the Arctic Circle and in my 13 years guiding I have never found a blemished hide. The coats are thick and flawless, unlike their coastal cousins. If you ever wanted an interior grizzly this is a great opportunity with high success.

Depending on dates selected, your hunt will start out from one of these villages along the Seward Peninsula: Nome; Brevig Mission; or Shishmaref, AK. The hunter is responsible for purchasing their hunting license and metal locking bear tag, as well as lodging and meals while waiting to depart to base camp.

• This is a drawing tag that must be applied for between Nov 1-Dec 15 of the previous year. Odds of drawing a tag is aroud 60%
  (results posted by end of Feb).
• 10-day hunt with a travel day on each end.
• We conduct hunts between April 15-June 15.


All quoted prices are subject to change. Prices listed are in USD.

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear
Kodiak Brown Bear
Arctic Grizzly Bear
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