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Our number one priority is to provide our clients with a safe and successful hunting experience in the wilds of Alaska.

What Makes Us Unique?

We offer a private brown bear hunting concession that our hunters have exclusive access to. Not to be confused with a private guide concession where resident hunters are also competing with you. Our area covers over 40,000 acres with 6 large valley drainages. As part of our long-term business strategy, we take a limited number of clients with the intent of managing and maintaining positive results for years to come. This location holds a highly successful record with the average bear squaring over 9’, and several skulls over the 27” mark.

We use a fleet of enclosed cab Argos for our fall Moose, Caribou, and Arctic Grizzly hunts. Our clients are highly mobile traveling in comfort while checking numerous productive hot spots in the area. In the spring we also use snow machines in pursuit of grizzlies that have freshly come out of their dens. With 14 Years guiding in GMU 22D/22E on the Seward Peninsula there is not a more experienced guide operating in these guide use areas.

Safety will always come first and foremost! That being said, if an unfortunate medical event arises while traversing the wilds of remote Alaska, a delayed medical response is a reality. As a licensed and practicing paramedic/firefighter, it is a comfort to many of our clients to know they have skilled individuals to assist them in their time of need right in the field.

With over 25 years of hunting and outfitting experience throughout Alaska, in particular Kodiak Island. Without a doubt, I know what it takes to go after Kodiak brown bear, mountain goats and Sitka black-tail deer, safely and successfully. Kodiak can be an unforgiving place and has some of the most extreme weather in the world. Satellite phones and inReach’s are in camp for the purposes of safety and weather updates.

We encourage all potential clients to do their research and ask questions. You will find that we do not exaggerate or pad numbers about the game we take. We speak the truth, work hard, treat people how we would like to be treated, all while producing results.

Our Guides

It takes a great team to provide a great hunting experience! All of our assistant guides are seasoned professionals who have a deep passion for, and knowledge of the outdoors. These trusted individuals will go the extra mile in ensuring that you have a safe and successful hunting experience.

John Della Croce
John Della Croce:

A life-long Alaskan, John is a registered Assistant Guide and tremendous asset to H&H Alaskan Outfitters. He is a skilled outdoorsman and survivalist with a passion for the mountains. Besides being a self-sufficient individual, John is also a skilled carpenter and mechanic. He also finds time to volunteer as a firefighter, serving his home community since 2003. Responding to and mitigating 911 emergencies tend to have a carry-over benefit for dealing with the wilds of Alaska. To his credit, John is a very easy going individual who remains calm under all sorts of pressure. John and his wife Jessica are raising three small children; affording them many new outdoor opportunities and experiences.

Christy Horton
Christy Horton:

Is the other “H” of H&H Alaskan Outfitters. Since taking my name 20-plus years ago, Christy and I have enjoyed the many opportunities and experiences that only Alaska has to offer. Besides keeping me grounded (a pilot’s license was adamantly vetoed years ago), she takes care of the paper-side of the business while maintaining the home-front. We are the proud parents of a daughter, Brianna. She is turning out to be a fantastic moose and deer hunter, as well as a confident outdoorswoman.

Justin Horton
Justin Horton (Owner/ Operator):

My love for the outdoors, family values and strong work ethic comes by way of a small country farm upbringing in central Idaho. My wife Christy and I took a leap of faith and made our way to Alaska in our early twenties, and have since called this great state home for more than two decades. Nearly 15 years was spent employed with Alaska’s largest air cargo carrier. This has afforded me extensive knowledge of air logistics. I hold a 50-gross ton Coast Guard license and spend countless days on the water.

In 2001, I started volunteering my time with the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department. This eventually led to my becoming a nationally registered paramedic, which I am currently employed as a firefighter/paramedic. In these past eighteen years, I have responded to thousands of real-life 911 emergencies and transported countless injured or sick individuals.

I am a member of the Alaska Professional Hunter’s Association and hold Alaska registered guide #1332. Both my wife and I are also life members of Safari Club International.

I am confident you will not find a more qualified Outfitter in all of Alaska when it comes time to coordinate your Alaskan adventure.

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Alaska Brown Bear, Mountain Goat, Deer Hunts - H&H Alaskan Outfitters

Our number one priority is to provide our clients with a safe and successful hunting experience in the wilds of Alaska.

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